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Frequently Asked Questions

These might address your questions? Want to know more? Let's chat.

Do you provide turnkey solutions?

Yes! All of our unique marketing services provide complete programs/activations from start to finish. Whether you want us to handle your client completely or work through your company for the end-client, we are here for you to make it easy.

I have a last minute deadline, can you help?

Yes! We have been known to put together programs for last minute requests. We will be upfront and tell you realistically if it can be done or not.

What about promotional product and attire?

Yes! We can help you with that through our partnered companies. Whether you are looking for an exact image or need advice with the promotional item to be distributed, we can suggest and even purchase these items for you. Like we said, we will assist you with all of your needs.

What turnaround time does ICE Factor need to be able to begin/work an event?

The more time we have to prepare the better our ability to assist with every detail. We generally request 15-20 business days to finalize and produce graphics (where required), with at least an additional 10 days to get equipment and trained personnel in place. For busier times of the year, we suggest that you book the event early to guarantee that we meet all of your needs.

Do you hire or outsource your services to other companies or do we deal directly with just ICE Factor?

ICE Factor recruits and utilizes our own internal personnel for all projects. We have a network of individuals that continue to work with our organization but at no time do we hire external organizations to hire our staff. All staff is hired directly by ICE Factor and goes through a vigorous hiring and training process. This process is part of our standard practices to provide exceptional and professional individuals to represent both ICE Factor and our clients.

Why should we work with your company over all of the other marketing companies out there? What sets you apart?

We started our business in the worst of times that this economy has ever seen. As difficult as it was, we stood by and appreciated the work that we received and the work we were able to provide to our clients. Since then we have continued to grow at a rapid place but have not forgotten where we started or why we started, to serve you. Yes! To serve our clients and provide the best of what they need, want, and deserve. If you give us the chance, we promise that we will deliver everything that we say we will. Rather than continue to boast about our strengths and achievements, contact us today and we would happily share our client’s opinions.

Do you provide nationwide services?

Yes! We have done activations across the USA and even some internationally. There is no area that we do not cover. Call us today so that we can discuss your project.

I am looking for an out-of-the-box experiential campaign, can you help?

Yes! We love opportunities where we can present creative ideas and concepts that are in line with your marketing strategy. Give us a chance to present, we promise you won't be disappointed.

Can you help me staff some ambassadors for a program for one day?

Yes! No program is too small for us. We are here to assist everyone with all of their brand ambassador and staffing needs.

I see that you utilize Segways?

Yes! We operate and own Branded Segways. In fact, we were one of the first organizations to incorporate this media into our equipment roster. We are also part of the design patent of the shield utilized on the Segway. Chances are, if you have ever gotten involved with Branded Segways and it wasn’t through our organization, then they are infringing on our patent.